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If accepted as one of our authors, we will digitally publish your books online for free. We will format your books ready for release and push them through various channels so that they may reach their desired audience. If you are interested in publishing with us please book a discovery call.


For a reasonable fee we will  able to provide cover art for your book either standard or deluxe cover art. If you are interested in our cover design services please book a discovery call.

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We offer reasonably price web design for authors.

Our website design services include:

  • Website Reports.

  • Custom Branded Email Addresses.

  • Website Automations

  • User Accounts and Forums

  • Custom Branded Domain (url) e.g., 

  • Mobile friendly website.

  • Bespoke design.

  • Social media link integration.

  • SSL certificate (https secure connection).

  • Standard SEO.

  • Two level Google integration (Google Search Console and Google My Business).

  • Pennyvale Media Nexus.

If you are interested in our web design services please book a discovery call.


Looking to develop your brand identity as an author? From logos to colours we've got you covered. Brand guidelines can be a great way to make sure everything you produce is uniform and suited to your authorial brand.


Our Brand Design Services Include:

  • Logo design.

  • Brand colours. 

  • Brand guidelines.

  • Social media start up with logos, banners and descriptions.

  • Social media post templates.

If you are interested in our authorial brand design services please book a discovery.

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Pennyvale Media Nexus is a social media portal that is made to suit your authorial brand. Choose a few important places online you want your customers to go and Pennyvale Media Nexus can take them there.

You can see our own For Authors Pennyvale Media Nexus here.


If you are interested in Pennyvale Media Nexus please book a discovery call. 


Few deny that online is the future of commerce. It's a rising tide, year after year the amount of online sales go up while brick and mortar sales go down. Consider joining the flow or you might just get washed away. From online stores to paid subscription plans we've got you covered.  

If you are interested in our ecommerce services please book a discovery call.

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Website apps for mobile are not for everyone but with people using their phones more and more for fundamental tasks so having an easy to reach app on people's phones can be very impactful for a growing business.  Sometimes the key to always being on someone's mind, is always being on their phone.

If you are interested in getting a mobile app for mobile please book a discovery call.


Looking for something else? Get in touch and we can discuss it including specific digital marketing arrangements.

If you are interested in something else please book a discovery call.

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