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Pennyvale Media was founded in the United Kingdom primarily to act as publisher of Harrowed World works by its creator Alex Burton. In 2022, Pennyvale Media would begin developing the vampire RPG ‘Harrowed World: Portents In Red’, then under the working title ‘Project Nightowl’. Work on the RPG continues in the background while the focus remains on other projects.

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A dark and twisted version of our world where the supernatural exists just below the surface. Vampires, magical folk, and other beings exist in a constant struggle for power and influence. Through sinister cabals and insatiable corporate empires these creatures hold sway over human society. 


Ordinary people live in blissful ignorance of the dark forces at work around them. Follow these supernatural beings through a grim dystopian atmosphere filled with gothic horror and a tangled web of morality where peril lurks around every corner.


It's time to believe in monsters.

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