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This is a completely anonymous survey; you do not have to provide any contact information, but you are able to consent to receive additional questions and sign for emails at the end if you wish but these are entirely OPTIONAL. If you choose to give us your email; it will be stored securely, we will NOT share it with others and we will NOT use it to spam you.


The following survey pertains to Harrowed World, a fictional setting and franchise in the making, managed by Pennyvale Media (book and content publishing), which in turn is run by the creator of Harrowed World, Alex Burton.


Harrowed World is a 'grimgothic' setting combining gothic trappings and aesthetics with a grim dystopian atmosphere. This world is much like the one we know; the same countries exist, and the same sorts of people live here but there is more below the surface. Supernatural creatures and monolithic secret societies puppeteer from the shadows while megacorporations dominate the light. Vampires and magical folk, among others, covertly fight amongst themselves and with each other for influence over the mostly clueless human masses. Technological advancement only sees them tighten their hold. To match this setting, protagonists of Harrowed World stories are not morally superior heroes but flawed and often morally grey people who are usually not entirely human.

What would you be interested in out of the following? Pick all that apply.
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