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Gone for a Buton Podcast
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Pennyvale Media authors in order of onboarding from earliest to latest: 


Alex Burton is a British author who created the Harrowed World setting which he has been developing since 2013. After getting his computing degree, spending some time volunteering, and working as a social media marketer, he founded Pennyvale Media to publish his own books and other content, and he also works as web and brand designer through his own business Spriggan Digital. He describes himself as “author, web designer, video creator, business owner, and all-around oddball”. For more information check out: and  and you can follow/subscribe to the professional accounts on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Linkedin: @HarrowedWorld and @PennyvaleMedia /  @HarrowedWorldOfficial on Instagram

In a world much like our own where modern technology is but a tool for ancient evil. In the darkness creatures and secret societies dwell and conspire while mega-corporations dominate the light. The unseen vampires, magical folk, and other beings of this world, hide amongst the mostly clueless human masses while manipulating and controlling them for their own benefit.


Harrowed World is a 'grimgothic' setting combining gothic trappings and aesthetics with a grim dystopian atmosphere. To match this dark setting, protagonists of Harrowed World stories are not morally superior heroes but flawed and often morally grey people who are usually not entirely human.

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