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Gone for a Buton Podcast
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Pennyvale Media authors in order of onboarding from earliest to latest: 


Meet Alex Burton, the creative mastermind behind Harrowed World. His love for storytelling led him to begin creating the setting in 2013, which he has been tirelessly developing ever since. Harrowed World is an ever-expanding and immersive setting, constantly breathing with life and enriched with new levels of detail.


Growing up in the UK, Alex's surroundings and experiences have heavily influenced his storytelling. While he plans to take readers on adventures all over the world and he strives to tell stories that resonate with people worldwide, he remains unapologetically true to his roots.


With a computing degree under his belt, he founded Pennyvale Media, a multi-faceted publisher to release books and other content.


In late 2022, Alex embarked on an exciting new venture, his first ever video game, under the working title Project Nightowl. This project is just the latest example of his passion for storytelling and his willingness to experiment with different mediums.


Known for his eccentric and creative personality, Alex brings a unique perspective that makes his work unique.

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